About Us

Neal and Catherine Klabunde are the owners of Westwood Honey Farm. While Neal has kept bees for over 40 years, the apiary (a fancy name for a place where bees are kept) is an outgrowth of their nursery- Dirty Fingernails Nursery.

Being nursery owners and nature lovers has given us a broader outlook of the natural world that surrounds us. While most people drive down the road and never notice the wildflowers (aka "weeds") that are blooming at any point of the year, beekeepers are keenly aware of what is or isn't blooming at any time of the year.

We do not blend our honey to be a certain color, rather it's extracted and bottled as we harvest it. This can result in differences in the color and taste of our honey, but it's part of the natural process that's more to be celebrated than suppressed. From the springtime honey flows of Black Locust and Linden trees to the distinctive color and aroma of Goldenrod honey, it's all part of the natural scheme of things that we seek to celebrate.