Become A Bee Keeper (or just a Bee Haver)

We offer a program for folks who might want to have honey bees on their property, but aren't sure if they want to make the leap to being beekeepers due to the cost,  lack of knowledge, or uncertainty whether or not beekeeping is right for them.

We will consult with property owners, and provide, install, and maintain a minimum of two hives and the equipment necessary, minus any personal protective equipment (veils, gloves or suits) necessary for your comfort level.

You can be as involved in managing the bee hives as you'd like, and we can explain the process as we go. We also encourage those that want to learn more about beekeeping to attend a beekeeping course. These are offered in late winter by beekeeping clubs in Cuyahoga, Lorain, and Medina counties. Click on the links below for meeting information for various local organizations.

If you are interested in our beekeeping program, fill out the Contact form and we can call to discuss the program.

Greater Cleveland Beekeepers Association

Lorain County Beekeepers Association

Medina County Beekeepers Association

Tri-County Beekeepers Association